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Welcome on my projects page! Here are listed all my projects, in four different sections: past, present and future projects. The last section is composed of tools I developed. In each section, the most recent project appears first.
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Future projects.

Unity New Rehab Mod

The idea is the same as the Unreal Engine 4 version: transfer my Rehab Mod from Source Engine to a newer and modern game engine. I want to use Unity as I'm working with it (or will be very soon at the time of writing), in the same field (rehabilitation). I didn't started yet, preferring improving my skills first, and then dig into development.

I'll add screenshots of the project once I have set it up.

UE4 New Rehab Mod (postponed)

Unreal Engine 4 Official Logo

Unreal Engine 4 is the most powerful game engine I know of, free to use and accessible.

I began to learn UE4 just to be able to trasfer my Rehab Mod from Source Engine (see Past projects below). I aim to create a game using the same idea (labyrinths), but in a new world. Here, I try to create a complex and full environment in which the labyrinths take place. Where Rehab Mod was only a mere tool to help patients recover, the New Rehab Mod (sorry, still looking for a cool name) will be a complete game, with a kind of mystery to solve. That's why it is far more complicated, far more complex, and that it takes much more time to complete.

Below are the last screenshots I took before stopping the project.

Starting area front view
Starting area air view
Starting area editor

Present projects.

Improving Unity® skills

Except Unreal Engine 4, Unity® is the most powerful and accessible game engine available.

Unity® is often used in research teams, at University, because of its open-source-code aspect. While willing to work in this field, I found out that I had to know Unity®, in order to have a chance in joining a team. I began my journey with a book called "Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 5.x", written by Greg Lukosek and edited by Packt Publishing (see Past projects for more info).

Below are some of the official images distributed by Unity Technologies and some from my own projects.

Unity 5 Official Logo
Jake on the Mysterious Planet Main Menu
Tri Selectif In Game Screen
Unity Labs demo

Learning the Gimp

First colouring

The ability to use an image manipulation programme is one of the best skill someone can have nowadays. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best-known tool to do so. But for a beginner, or a student, the GIMP is a great alternative.

So I began to learn the Gimp. I realized that the Gimp is a powerful image manipulation programme, but it can also be used for other hobbies. I identified three aspects to enhance: colouring, which consists in adding colour to a black and white drawing; photo editing, which was my primary objective when I started to study the Gimp; and digital painting, through drawings, logo and pure creations.

Below will be displayed my latest creations or works.

Photo editing

Learning Blender

Blender is a free and open 3D Creation Software.

When I started creating stuff and maps with the Source Engine (see Past projects below), I realized pretty quickly that I'd need my own assets. With the Source Engine, everything is packed on, so at that time there was no need. But later, I started creating my New Rehab Mod with Unreal Engine 4, and then, I needed assets.

The basic assets are OK, but in order to distribute my own content, or if I want a specific object, I understood that creating my stuff myself would be a great advantage. That's why I started learning Blender, which is a great tool for beginners or students.

First scene in Blender tutorial

Past projects.

Jake on the Mysterious Planet (Unity)

I learnt some basic C# programming reading a book called "Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 5.x", written by Greg Lukosek and edited by Packt Publishing.

In 2017 / 2018 school year, I got my hands in Unity, for some school VR-related project. I knew I had to deal with it again during my internship, so I decided to improve my skills before. It happened that I found it fun too, and I really enjoyed developing more than what was asked at first within this book. Here is presented the version 1.0 of that project. It's working, there's no blocking bug, but it lacks some major features, like being abe to start directly a game after game over, or having different backgrounds. I intend to develop those features later, when I'll be more comfortable with C#.

I will display below screenshots of my latest achievements on this project.

Level chunks creation
Main menu screen
In game screen
Game over screen

Aix Enlightened

Aix Enlightened is a website created for Aix-en-Provence Ingress Enlightened Community, which I am part of.

It is a common practice for communities to have a website to promote and to show their actions within their cell(s). I had this idea of a website for a long time, but I never found the motivation to do it. Late 2016, as I began to improve my game and my contacts on a national scale, I decided to do this. It took me three to four months. I used some libraries to ease the development: jQuery, DataTables, TimelineJS and CKEditor. The CSS is based on w3.css framework.

Link to the website : Aix Enlightened

Admin interface
Aix Enlightened

Rehab Mod (Source Engine)

Main menu

Rehab Mod is a modification for the game “Half-Life 2: Episode 2”, developed and released by Valve Corporation.

The aim of Rehab Mod is to provide a set of exercises, based on memory, precision and sense of direction. it mod is used by patients suffering from brain damage, such as memory loss or equilibrium disorder, to help them recover.
I developed it during my research internship in Prague, from May to July 2015. It was made using the Source Engine provided with every mod-authorized Valve game, and Hammer Editor (for the maps).

I created a Wordpress Blog, where all relevant info are explained and detailed: Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Open Ground Park Map
People in movement Map
Water Map

Inspired by w3.css